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Aquaseal installation guide

3. Spit the retrofit rib with a scissors if the aquaseal is to be used on an existing installation.            


Steps 3 and 4 only apply if the aquaseal is to be used on an existing installation. 


                     4. Crimp the retrofit rib with the Aquaseal Clips making sure that the retrofit rib joint faces downstream.


2. Cut the cone to the exact corresponding pipe diameter. Do not use a knife a scissors will be more accurate.                         

Aquadapt installation instructions 5. Slide the flashing down the pipe using water as a lubricant then form the bonded aluminium support ring to the roofs profile.                          


1. Pick the correct Aquaseal pipe flashing for the job. Aquadapt - The Flashing Future.

6. Mark out silicone paths and lift the flashing up the pipe to apply silicone on marked path between the roof and flashing.

 7. Realign flashing onto roof and fix in place with self tapping stainless steel screws or sealed stainless steel rivets starting downstream