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FlashRite Aquaseal pipe flashing sheet roof seal

These flashing are specifically designed for standard or retrofit sheet roof installations.

Bonded Auminium support ring

provides support to metal roofs with either pop-rivets or self drilling screws.

 Measurement lines

Helps to guide even cut around the cone, providing the user with easy identification of size ranges.

Bonded Auminium support ring Bonded Auminium support ring Innovative FlashRite Aquaseal square base

The innovative FlashRite Aquaseal square base technolagy has been a market leader in metal roof pipe flashings and is now the accepted industry standard.

The Torso

Provides the strenght & rigidity to the flashing maintaining the shape with little distortion & eliminating water & dust traps.

Retrofit Rib

The incotporated Aquaseal rib allows the flashing to be used on exsisting installations.

Click here for detailed specifications on available sizes  Click here for installation instructions